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Why Should You Invest In Your Immunological System For Prevention Of, And Fighting Diseases?

By Doctor Angel Carrasco, Neurologist

Medical Director of Bellisima Magic Touch & Spa

Here are some tips and reasoning to understand why.

Most people would like to make monthly deposits in a bank to accumulate some money as time goes by in order to have an economic reserve 15, 20 of more years down the road. For many, this is considered a smart decision!

Nowadays we see promotions inviting parents to put aside some money in a bank account as a cushion for their children when they start going to college to foster education. Doing that they may prevent serious economic struggle since the cost of education goes up every year reaching a level that may be out of reach to many. We may call that a wise decision prepaying college to secure education.

Of course, many do not have the luxury of doing that with their children. 

In the second scenario, prepaid college is a winner curing or improving the foreseeable economic issue. In the same scenario when parents cannot, the economic issue is a serious reality that may impede someone from attaining the desire educational level to survive the competitive economic market.

Likewise, would it be a smart decision to invest for years ahead in supporting your immunological system in order to prevent or modify many diseases that are attacking us? Of course, there are many diseases and many causes of diseases, such as genetic, metabolic, poor nutrition, environmental factors, infections, the lifestyle of choice, and many more. However, if we make an investment in supporting our immune system and preventing or controlling inflammation to help us not only to beat those diseases but to slow down the aging process as well, undoubtedly it represents a clear winning decision for a healthier and enjoyable life. 

We know based on scientific data, that if we can prevent or control inflammation by boosting our immune system, we are going to overcome many disease processes and enjoy a better life!

Having a weak immune system is a carte blanche for many diseases, both acute and chronic, as well as degenerative ones like some that involve the nervous system including Alzheimer's, ms, Parkinson's disease, and aging as well. 

Have you ask the question of why during an epidemic some people die, others recover, and many are not affected?

To answer this paramount question, we are going to briefly review a tiny, rather microscopic elements of our biological system, the cell.

Since the cells are so tiny that they can not be seen with the naked eyes but with a microscope. Our body has billions of these cells that work 24/7 as long as we live! Just amazing! They are the working capital of our existence. They form all the organs of our body, the heart, kidneys, brain, bone, muscle, and many others.
Even as tiny as they are a small battery-like is inside of them for the production of energy. Their metabolism is very important for good health. During their metabolism they generate a small number of toxic substances due to oxidation, the oxidation process liberates substances called free radicals
that have the capacity of damaging the cells when in excess.

This process by which cells are damaged is known as oxidative stress. Of course, mother nature is very smart and the cells have the capacity of producing antitoxic substances to keep things in balance. Those substances, to protect the cells, are powerful antiinflammatory that preserves the functionality of the cells. As the biological system gets older a state of imbalance starts showing up where the free radicals responsible for the oxidative stress, are getting the upper hand while the cells star losing their capacity to respond to the stress.

The normal response of the cell is dictated genetically. There are substances that activate intracellular genes to keep the system working reason why these substances are called gene activator.

When the oxidative stress starts taking control of the cellular functions, we began experiencing ill feelings. Many diseases, mostly chronic ones, are in part the result of this cellular metabolic imbalance triggered by oxidative stress.

When the immune system is affected as a result of that biological failure, the body can not respond appropriately falling victim to diseases. It is well known in the scientific literature, that inflammation plays a crucial role in many diseases when the immune system is not up to par. The role of the gene activator is to activate the production of potent anti-inflammatory agents. Those anti-inflammatory agents have to come from within the system. There are three well known anti-inflammatory agents that can be activated at the cellular level. They are superoxide dismutase (sod), glutathione, and catalase.

Many of us, attempting to stop a mild infection, for instance, a viral one, take vitamins c.  Does vitamin c help the immune system, the answer is yes, but very little? On a serious illness do not count on it. Its ability to suppress the free radicals from the oxidative stress is very poor.

So, are we ready to start making long term investment in our immune system to assist us in preserving better health and to protect us in the event of an infection for instance a bad flu, so it won’t get out of control?

One way to help (since there are other ways as well like, good nutrition, exercising, avoiding certain vices) is, to constantly activate our own internal gene system at the intracellular level, stimulating the genes that participate in the production of substances that deal with the inflammation caused by the oxidative stress, when if it gets out of control.

It has been shown that inflammation plays an adverse role in many diseases, including but not limited to, stroke, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis, lung conditions.

For continuing this very interesting topic, and to provide  you with information regarding the needed tools to help our cells to increase the production of anti-inflammatory agents to combat and to help in the prevention of diseases, visit www.carrasconeurology.com or call us to see if you qualify for a free consultation